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Compelling Evidence has proven beyond reasonable doubt Cowan's guilt. Thanks largely to the Covert Police involved and SES searchers plus scientific experts, a child killer has been exposed.

On behalf of our entire family we thank everyone who has contributed to finding the answers and especially for never forgetting Daniel. Please support Daniel's legacy of Keeping Kids Safe through the initiatives of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

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The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc. (DMF) is committed to Keeping Kids Safe. It was established by parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe in 2005 after their son Daniel was abducted and murdered in December 2003 while waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast.  The Foundation was established as a lasting legacy to Daniel and now has two main aims; to educate children on how to stay safe in a physical and online environment and to support young victims of crime.

1. To educate children regarding their personal safety (including abduction).
2. To assist victims of crime, particularly where crime involves children.
3. To remember Daniel with suitable child safety community awareness events.
4. To support the families of Missing Persons particularly where it involves children.

The Foundation sees it role in the community as assisting educators and parents in the education of children about their personal safety, by funding the development of child safety educational resources; assisting young victims of crime through financial support in addition to that provided by Government agencies; and empowering all Australians to make their own local communities safer places for children.
Resources are funded through a mix of foundation funds and partnership arrangements with corporate or government support. We empower local communities by supplying these educational tools and resources FREE Australia wide.  The Foundation is also committed to assisting young people who are victims of crime in a way that will make a positive difference to their lives. (The beneficiaries of this support cannot be identified for privacy and safety reasons.) These young survivors of crime have been assisted by the Foundation in a number of ways, mostly identified by case managers and psychologists.
The Foundation has three large red trailers and a ‘Big Red Truck’ that are used as beacons for delivering child safety education by Bruce and Denise Morcombe, Federal and State Police, Child Safety units and selected community volunteers across the country.
The promotion of a National Day of Action ‘Day for Daniel’ in October each year underpins our awareness campaign. It is here we can empower all Australians to take action in their own community by conducting a child safety education or awareness event at their place of business, community group, school or kindergarten.
Early intervention through education is the key and our goals include having the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum (developed by Education Queensland) included in every school in the country.

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