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    The Boomer Challenge

    The Boomer Challenge is the latest FREE resource from the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.

    The Boomer Challenge gives children aged 8 to 12 the skills to recognise potentially unsafe and risky online situations, and to make decisions and problem solve in the online world.

    Join Millsy, his sister Kristy and their technologically challenged grandparents for a fun and engaging online game that will teach children about the pitfalls of the online world.

    The Boomer Challenge project has been developed with funds raised from Millsy’s Pop Up Restaurant.


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    The Boomer Challenge Resources

    for parents and carers

    Guide to The Boomer Challenge

    Guide for parents and carers
    for parents and carers

    How do I report online grooming?

    How to make a report
    ACCCE Report abuse website
    It's your move
    for parents and carers

    How do I recognise online grooming?

    What do groomers look like?
    Stages of grooming
    Know the early warning signs
    for parents and carers

    How do I react to online grooming?

    How do I help my child?
    Empowering an E-safe culture
    Understanding children's perspectives
    Top tips for online safety
    for children and young people

    Understanding online grooming

    Guide for children and young people
    Healthy/unhealthy relationships
    for families

    How to create a Family Technology Agreement

    Guide for families
    Agreement example
    Editable Agreement template
    Creating a safe password
    for educators

    Guide to The Boomer Challenge


    Guide for educators
    Design Challenge activity