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    until Day for Daniel, Friday 28 October 2022

    Changing Futures

    The Daniel Morcombe Foundation is proud to present the Changing Futures program.

    Changing Futures aims to build the national knowledge base around children’s healthy, problematic, and abusive sexual behaviour.

    Through national webinars, state and territory specific workshops, and the development of practical resources, Changing Futures aims to provide educators and other frontline staff with the knowledge, skills, and confidence in identifying, responding and providing early intervention to pre-teens displaying harmful sexual behaviours.

    Our free webinars and workshops are open to frontline individuals and organisations who work directly with children in industries such as education, childcare, support work, social work, youth justice, among many more.


    Changing Futures will moving into Bright Futures

    Bright Futures is an innovative national program addressing the growing prevalence of technology assisted harmful sexual behaviour (TA- HSB) and child sexual exploitation (CSE). As we move through our final year of Changing Futures, we launch into the development of Bright Futures which will also be delivered through the provision of training and education, the creation of professional resources, facilitating state and territory specific forums, and a national symposium bringing together strategic leaders and high-level stakeholders to engage in best practice conversations.

    This will build on the work of the Changing Futures program which increases confidence and competence of professionals who work with children to prevent, identify and respond to HSB. Dr Gemma McKibbin and Professor Cathy Humphreys’ ‘The building blocks for promising practice model’, informs the Changing Futures and Bright Futures structure and delivery approach. This ensures we are supporting best practice methods linking primary, secondary, and tertiary engagement strategies to prevent and respond to HSB, TA-HSB and CSE.

    To stay informed about these events, we invite you to register your interest below.