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    until Day for Daniel, Friday 29 October 2021

    Changing Futures

    The Daniel Morcombe Foundation is proud to present the Changing Futures program.

    Changing Futures aims to build the national knowledge base around children’s healthy, problematic, and abusive sexual behaviour.

    Through national webinars, state and territory specific workshops, and the development of practical resources, Changing Futures aims to provide educators and other frontline staff with the knowledge, skills, and confidence in identifying, responding and providing early intervention to pre-teens displaying harmful sexual behaviours.

    Our free webinars and workshops are open to frontline individuals and organisations who work directly with children in industries such as education, childcare, support work, social work, youth justice, among many more.

    Changing Futures will be ongoing throughout 2020 and into 2021.

    To stay informed about these events, we invite you to express your interest below.